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Military Discount

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Must show military i.d. to receive discount. 

"Every time I get to us my military discount I smile" 

I am a daughter of a Vietnam Vet.  It's something that I've always been proud of in a crazy kinda way, and when I say crazy  it's because it's something we didn't talk about.  My dad never shared his experience with me and my sisters and we knew better than to bring it up.

We didn't celebrate 4th of July in a traditional sense because the sounds of fireworks would send my dad back to Vietnam, sometimes even the sound of a screen door slamming or a fork clinking a plate would give him a flashback.  Jaws tightened, fist gripped; ready for combat. I think those situations frustrated him more than anything.  My father is a very prideful man and for me being as young as I was couldn't understand why this war had so much control over him.  It wasn't until MANY years later that my father talked to me about his role in the war, but that was after he received the help that is now being offered to soldiers returning home from war.

I am happy to say that Americans have gotten better in their attitudes toward Vietnam.  We have constructed monuments to honor the dead, pay tribute to those who died on Memorial Day and honor those veterans  who are living on Veterans Day.

Dad, I am sorry for all that went through and I pray that what happened in Vietnam is never repeated. Thank you for your service. Thank you for surviving. Thank you for coming home.

I was able to ask my dad a few questions regarding when he came home from the war.

(Please keep in mind I'm still not use to talking to my father about his time in Vietnam)

Q:  What did you experience when you first came home?

A:   When I first landed the first thing I did was change out of my uniform. People were so much against the war and they took it out on those who went to Vietnam. They would yell scream at us say all kinda crazy things... Yeah so I took that uniform off 

Q:  How has the services that are offered now helped deal with PTSD?

A:   The services they have now is like a completely different world. I tried to get help but every time I tried it seemed to make things worse. 


There were houses scattered all around town they were all the same you go in sit in a circle and listen to each other’s war stories. Today you are setup with mental health which is the biggest problem with us Vets but it goes so much further, there are more programs now for whatever the problem we have and you don’t have to see a military doctor or hospital.


Every time I get to us my military discount I smile  

Q:  What is one piece of advice you would give the military men and woman coming home from war?

A:  If I could speak with anyone involved in the military it is so important to seek help early. God bless.

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