Moon Cycle

This #Moon #Time Tea is wonderful to drink for premenstrual imbalances and during your cycle to ease tension and promote harmony.

I didn't start getting painful menstrual cycles until I was all the way grown(I think in my mid 30's). I was often in bed for the first day and took handfuls of over the counter pills to dull the pain and then in my 40's the pain came stronger than EVER. And it wasn't just the soreness and cramping, it was very emotional and I would get extremely depressed, like scary depressed before hand.

Until I found herbal medicine to regulate my hormones which in turn regulated my cycles my moon time was very challenging. I didn't know about charting my cycle with the moon or how to use distinct phases of my cycle(working on a post about that) to reach deeper levels of awareness and creativity. All I knew at the time was that I felt like a crazy person and I just wanted it to stop.

Thankfully with the help of some alternative practioners I learned to take care of myself and bring my hormones into balance. It took a couple of years, lots of herbs and some lifestyle changes but today I've never been better and my PMS is manageable. When i learned that PMS didn't have to be so bad I was relieved. Today I celebrate my moon time and honor this monthly cycle of letting go and rebirth.

This Moon cycle tea is effective and gentile enough to drink before and during menstruation. I typically drink 3-4 cups of this tea during mensuration and a few days before depending on my PMS symptoms. Herbs work best when taken consistently over time. Try this tea for 3-4 months to get an idea of how it will support you. If you have any allergies to herbs or are on any medications that are contraindicated for herbs please talk to your health care practioner.

Please note this tea is not going to knock out pain in the same way as an over the counter medication like Advil. Herbs are much more nuanced in their capilities. Before herbs I had to take handfuls of Advil during my moon time. Today I take maybe 1 or 2 if things are really crazy and drink tea. I've been on this journey for a few years now so please use your own intuition and guidance------ultimately you know what right for your body.

Moon Time Tea combines some of my favorite herbs for women's health. Each one has specific functions which I will explain below.

Chamomile is a very effect and soothing flower that is known to reduce the severity of muscle cramps and tension. This potent flower also eases anxiety and depression.

Dandelion Leaf cools and cleanses the liver which is the main organ that breaks down hormones like estrogen when levels get too high. In Chinese medicine the liver is associated with anger so taking good care of this organ will help reduce irritability. Dandelion leaf is also a great diuretic which helps remove extra water from our system – less water can often mean less cramping. It contains high levels of potassium.

Ginger is a potent warming herb that eases digestion and relives nausea. Ginger also helps increase vitality and helps nutrient absorption.

Raspberry Leaf is the mother herb of uterine health. Keeping the uterus well toned is very important for overall wellness and pain reduction during menstruation. Raspberry leaf has high levels of vitamins C and E and contains calcium and iron.

Vitex is a powerful hormone balancing herb that has been used for ages to treat menstrual irregularities, regulate reproductive cycles and ease PMS symptoms. Vitex reduces cramps, depression and inflammation. This herb can be taken by itself to bring your cycle into balance and is best taken over a course of at least four months to start as it takes time to work.

A few more notes on PMS. It is really important during this time to eat lots of veggies and whole foods. Meditation and yoga are great practices that can also balance our endocrine system and bring us long term relief. Even drinking tea can be a meditation. Use your tea time to slow down, reflect and count your blessings.






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