#TeaTime for your bath

Herbal baths can be extremely therapeutic. When you are immersed in water, the pores of the skin are open and receptive to the healing properties of the herbs; it's a highly effective method of treatment.

Life has become so demanding and hectic in the modern times that almost all people are victims of stress and strain. The overwhelming pressures and anxieties of present day life have virtually left little time for anyone to take time off their busy schedules to unwind themselves. Many people are unable to undertake regular workouts as they require people to take out substantial time from their regular and hectic daily schedules. In such a scenario taking a hot bath is one of the best ways to usher in some recreation and respite in our daily life. In addition to facilitating relaxation and rest, taking baths regularly also helps to prevent many diseases. While soaking in a hot bath is definitely pleasurable experience and facilitates in alleviating anxiety, when you add herbs to the hot water bath, it greatly augments the curative prospects in the bath. Soaking yourself in a hot bath for a minimum of 20 minutes is considered to be among the simplest methods to chill out following a hectic day.

*​Uplifting- Blend of essential oil to help your soul relax/Laveder~Rose Petals~Jasmine

*Awaken- Blend of essential oils to ease & nervous tensions/ Lemon~Rosemary

*Balance- Rose helps boost confidence and self-esteem/ Rose Petals

Fill muslin bag with herbal mixture. Close the top and toss your herb bundle into a tub filled with the hottest water you have. Walk away for a while and give your bath time to cool down to a comfortable temperature, When you come back your bath will be infused right in the tub.

OR just toss in 2-3 scoops right into he water & sit back and relax.

Made with real flowers & herbs.

Talk about taking on the day or night!!!!!

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It's a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home!

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